The AAPS PAC, YOUR Political Action Committee as a member of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, is hard at work supporting candidates who will oppose the ongoing assault on patients and their physicians.  But to succeed we need your financial help TODAY!

Federal law requires that only AAPS members in good standing can contribute.  Please email [email protected] for instructions on how to contribute.


Just as in the election year of 1994, the year after your AAPS had filed suit against the complete and instant takeover of the private practice of medicine by Hillary and the Clinton administration, AAPS is continuing the battle to stop the complete destruction of the practice of medicine known as “Obamacare.”

The wake-up call in 1994 mobilized a movement that changed the heart and soul of Congress, though partially and temporarily.  Today, we have an opportunity to wake up again and participate in the movement to find leadership instead of slave masters.

Your AAPSPAC depends on contributions from AAPS members and spouses.  With those funds, the PAC in turn contributes to national Congressional candidates.  Thanks to your past generosity, the AAPS PAC supported 15 Federal candidates in the 2010 election cycle with $31,000.00 in contributions. This year, our goal is to at least double our 2010 contributions to help point American medicine back in the right direction, away from third-party control and towards patient-centered medical care.  We cannot do this without your help!

Eight of the candidates the PAC supported in 2010 were physicians running for office for the first time or against an incumbent. Five of these doctors won and went to D.C.  – in part because of your help! (Andy Harris, M.D. of Maryland, Scott DesJarlais, M.D. of Tennessee, Rand Paul, M.D. of Kentucky, Joe Heck, D.O. of Nevada, and Dan Benishek, M.D. of Michigan.)

The PAC uses the following criteria to decide which candidate can get support from its limited resources. The candidate must:

  • Believe in and demonstrate his or her belief in the principles espoused by the Association;
  • Have a chance to win the election;
  • Need the contribution;
  • Have a member of AAPS to deliver the contribution and to receive communications concerning our mutual interests;
  • Be a federal candidate (except in extraordinary circumstances).

Contributions of any size are needed and appreciated however contributions are limited to $5,000 per calendar year. Your spouse can also contribute up to $5,000 per calendar year.  The contribution CANNOT be written from a corporate bank account or made from a corporate credit card.  Of course, any amount up to that maximum is appreciated and will be used wisely.  Careful records are kept by the PAC (and the Federal Election Commission) to be sure of compliance.

Federal law requires that only AAPS members in good standing can contribute.  Please email [email protected] for instructions on how to contribute.


James Coy, MD, Chairman, AAPSPAC

P.S. The FEC requires us to inform you that contributions to AAPS PAC are voluntary, not a condition of membership in AAPS.